In this article you will learn how content marketing can be used to lead readers down a logical path filtering people out who will not make a purchase and keeping those interested in making the purchase in a content funnel leading them to an affiliate sales link.

When it comes to affiliate marketing we can become so consumed about how to get people to click through to our affiliate sales link that we can forget what we are creating and what we are creating is content for our blog or website. By writing a review or a recommendation we are creating more content.

The biggest difference between content for content marketers and content for affiliate marketers is that content marketers tend to be focusing on answering a problem in the market place and the affiliate content creator is writing either a recommendation or a product review.

As both a content marketer and an affiliate marketer I like to use both types of content and I have found that content marketing works better at attracting people to my blog. Let me explain, if I write an article that answers a question it is easier to market that piece of content and it is more share-able, meaning people have shared my how to articles more than any other type of article that I have written.

A good strategy that I have used with a great deal of success is to use my content to market my blog and in my blog I have recommended my product review post inside of another piece of content which is relevant to the article that I am writing.

If I were to use only affiliate marketing content types like product reviews or recommendations then I would as a strategy focus on the best features of the product and promote those articles, for instance I would write “The Top 10 Best Hidden Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab.” Then from within that article or series of articles I would leave a link either to a full product review or a link to purchase the product.

Here is how I would do that, after writing a series of articles I would prefer to leave a link to the full product review, here’s why, you will get more targeted people reading your review and clicking on your affiliate sales link who are interested in buying because if they have taken the time to read the first article series of the top ten best unknown features, then clicked on the product review link, you can guarantee that those people are more interested in purchasing the product.

Doing this you may find that you get fewer clicks, but they are more targeted because they have taken the time to read what you have to say and then clicked on the review article.