QuickTime, released by Apple, inc, is a program which is used to play media files on your system. Typically installed alongside the likes of iTunes and other popular Apple programs, this is used widely on Windows & Mac, and is famed for continually taking-over many of the “default file loader” attributes of Windows Media player. Many people get annoyed with QuickTime because if you try and read the likes of a.avi,.mov or.wav file on your PC, it will just show up whether you wanted it to or not. Despite this, if you’re looking to uninstall QuickTime from your computer, you can follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

To uninstall any program from your PC, you basically need to remove all the parts of the software (Its files & settings). This can be done in two ways, which I’m now going to explain in order to completely remove the QuickTime application from your system:

Method #1 – Manual Removal

The first step to uninstall QuickTime is to “manually remove it” from your computer. This can be done by using the inbuilt Windows commands inside the “Add / Remove Programs” applet of your PC. To do this, you should first click “Start” on the bottom left hand side of your computer screen, then select “Control Panel” from the menu which appears. After that, locate “Add / Remove Programs”, where you should then see a large list of the applications on your PC. Click on “QuickTime” and remove it from your system. Follow the uninstall process, where you should then see it removed from your computer.

After using the “Add / Remove Programs” applet to remove the program, you should then get rid of the application’s leftover files & settings. To do this, you should browse to this folder and delete all the files inside:

  • C:/Program Files/Apple/QuickTime

Method #2 – Automated Removal (Recommended For Beginners)

The second step to uninstall QuickTime from your PC is to use an automated program to do the removal for you. Uninstallation applications are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet thanks to their ease of use, and ability to get rid of all the parts of an application on your PC. We’ve found that a piece of software called “Final Uninstaller” is the best to use to get rid of the QuickTime program.

You can use this by performing these steps:

  • Download the Final Uninstaller trial onto your PC
  • Install the application
  • Click “Scan” (this looks for the installed programs)
  • Locate QuickTime from the list that appears
  • Click the left-hand tick-box for QuickTime
  • Click “Clean

This will remove all the parts of the QuickTime application in the most complete way, and is the recommended removal process for beginners. The good thing about Final Uninstaller is that it’s the only uninstaller application which actively removes all the settings & leftover files that the program will likely leave behind – making it highly important that you’re able to use this program properly.