Mobile phone searches have proven to be among the most difficult searches that can be done online. However there are always ways around every obstacle and solutions to every problem. Read about some of the ways you can track blocked calls from the article below.

If you want to know how to trace an unknown number on a cell phone you will find the following information very useful. With people able to make VOI calls now using applications like AIM, Skype and gadgets like iPod Touch and PSP some of these calls do not show a number on the handset of the person who is receiving the call. It is also still uncertain whether these kinds of calls can be traced or not.

Still on the ways of how to trace an unknown number on a cell phone, there is no way you can track a number using your own handset. You might probably have heard of the *codes like *69 and *57 but they do trace the number. One simply calls back the last number that dialed you and the other only works in the local service area. To be able to track blocked numbers you have to use professional services.

Although not the preferred choice for most people but one way of finding out where these calls are coming from is to ask the police. Law enforcement agents are about one of the few places that have the capability to carry out this search. The other alternative is to ask your telephone company to track the calls for you. They also should be able to help.

Sites as a way of how to trace an unknown number on a cell phone, you will come across a few that can carry out this search but only one or two are reliable. Try to find one that will only require you to pay for results and not for searching.