Do you know how to trace a cell phone location? Thanks to new developments in technology it is now possible for anyone to trace a cell phone with a certain degree of accuracy.

A number of technological breakthroughs have contributed to these developments as now GPS technology is included in all mobiles, hence an improved ability to trace cell phone numbers through transmission signals. This allows anyone to make an emergency call from anywhere regardless of the quality of the signal. The police can always track the information.

On the internet, a myriad of services allows you to trace a cell phone for free, without using expensive equipment used by investigators. These services are largely used by a variety of people, including employers who want to trace a cell phone in order to track their employees location.

Basically when the tracing of a telephone number occurs, the tracking device collect data from the telephone company that provides the mobile phone service. This information includes the location of the cell phone as calculated by different parameters and the distance to each of the nearest cellphone transmission towers.

The technique used by GPS technology changes depending on what network and what phone carrier you are using. With some phone carriers it does not always transmit location. This implies that should you want to trace a cell phone location, the information that you will be collecting is most likely gathered from transmission tower locations.

In areas that are more populated , it is easier to trace a cell phone location thanks to the greater number of transmission masts. It is more difficult to achieve the same results in unpopulated areas because of the scarcity of transmission towers.