Not long ago, some of our customers asked if there was a good screen recorder for Mac OS Snow Leopard. A screen recorder is a program that records the screen shot (an image of your computer desktop or an active window).

Recording screenshots sometimes can be very useful, especially when the employer wants to figure out what document his employees copy from his office computer onto a flash-memory stick and whether his employees are watching video or playing games online while they are supposed to be working.

For Mac users, a keylogger for Mac is a very easy tool to capture screenshots on Macintosh operating system. With a smart keylogger for Mac, you will capture the whole activity of your screen effortlessly and save it in a secret folder.

Aobo Keylogger for Mac is a software program that is used to capture the screenshots. This keylogger for Mac runs in the background, captures the screenshots, records all the keystrokes as well as websites visited. Once keystrokes are logged, they are hidden in the machine for later retrieval.

Aobo Keylogger for Mac, as a surveillance tool, is frequently used by employers to ensure that employees use work computers only for business purposes. It has been proved that using this keylogger for Mac can help increase the productivity within employees being monitored by this Mac keylogger.

Aobo Mac keylogger, as a professional parental control program, is also often used by parents to keep their young kids safe online. Parents can use it as a security tool to make sure that their young children do not browse the inappropriate content. Arron Williams, father of a 13 year-old boy says: “in my case, I installed it on my son’s computer and want to make sure he does not open the door to intruders.”

Aobo Mac keylogger is a piece of automatic screenshot capturing software as well as keystrokes recording software. Simply by checking the box of sending screenshots to E-mail, not matter where you are, this Mac keylogger will always present you the full screen of the Mac computer that you need to monitor in your absence.

As a businessman, you need you realize employees’ every single action all the time while they are utilizing the business office computer. Numerous organizations have rules concerning the right way about how to use the business office computers. However, you should check periodically whether they are using the office computer in right ways.

The Mac keylogger works in very effective manner without your employees’ knowledge. Therefore, take it easy! No one can find it without your permission.