The mss32.dll file is a Miles Sound System Library module in your system that is utilized by WinAmp and other multimedia programs for sound effects and sound playback. This file gets used for processing complex sound options in video games. However, mss32.dll is prone to getting corrupted or damaged which is caused by it getting misplaced. When this happens, the mss32.dll system error soon follows. This tutorial will show you the steps on how you can fix this error.

What causes Mss32.dll Errors In Neverwinter Nights?

There are many reasons as to why this error will surface on your system such as damaged files, corrupt settings or file misplacement. We’ve found that with games like NeverWinter Nights, the most common issue is that the game placed an outdated version of the file onto your PC. However, if you have many video games installed in your system, you cannot afford to get this error. To fix the mss32.dll file error, just follow the steps outlined below.

How To Fix MSS32.dll Errors

The first thing that you should consider doing when fixing this error is to look for the existing Mss32.dll file on your PC. A lot of times this error is caused by the file being tagged missing in your system. To check if this is the cause of the error in your PC, you should first find the file and if need be, either relocate it somewhere else or, install a new one in your system. The first step to doing this is to click on Start on your Windows Bar. Afterwards, select Search then type “mss32.dll” on the blank field. Next, look for the said file on “All Locations & Hard Drives.” If your search turns up unsuccessful, consider checking for problems in your registry. However if it comes out positive, click on the file then press the CTRL+C keys to copy it. Following this, search for the path “C:WindowsSystem32 folder. ” Once it populates, move the file to this directory by pressing on the CTRL + V keys simultaneously. Next test the application.

A lot of times, programs or games would erroneously place the mss32 file in installation folders instead of the System32 folder, where all dll files should be in the first place. This is the reason why you should check the exact location of mss32.dll in your system when you are faced with this error. If the steps above however fail to rectify the problem, it is recommended that you clean out your registry.

The registry is also a big cause of MSS32.dll errors – which is a database that stores all the important settings for your system. The rule is, the more you use your PC the more data which gets accumulated in your registry. This is especially true if you are online a lot, since many sites without your knowledge would leave settings in this section of your system. Though there are processing information stored here that are crucial to the operations of certain applications in your PC (such as Windows), majority are useless and redundant. These files would serve to only slow down your PC, causing applications to crash and errors to surface. That is why the registry is notorious for constantly turning out a huge number of system errors. To resolve this problem, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is an application that will efficiently scan and clear your registry of unnecessary files.

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