The process below describes the case where a computer is running a dual operating system, Windows XP and Windows 7. It is the case where Windows XP was installed initially on one partition, and Windows 7 later installed on the same hard disk but different partition.

In order to remove Windows 7, you must first back up your data that you want to keep. Then, delete the Windows 7 partition by accessing it from the disk management utility.

Right click on the Windows 7 partition and delete it. At this point, you end up with Windows XP as the only operating system installed on the hard disk, with the second partition without any data.

This doesn’t mean you are done with the complete process. To show you that, restart the computer and while booting you will be presented with a list of the same two options you had before removing the Windows 7 operating system.

The only difference now is, when you choose the Windows 7 option, you will not gain access to an operating system. The computer will display an error message like, OS is missing, or other errors.

To resolve this issue, you should delete the Windows 7 listing from the boot list, and I will show you how to do it in very simple steps:

1-Access the Administrative Tools

2-Access the System Configuration

3-Click the Boot Tab

4-Select the Windows 7 option

5-Delete it.

That is it, you are done completing the process. Please note that, both Windows operating systems XP and 7 have to be on separate partitions on the same hard disk. In addition to that, Win XP should be installed first.

There is an important remark to add, if you had Windows 7 installed first and then Windows XP was installed, removing Windows 7 will render your system inoperable. The same problem applies, if you try to remove Windows XP after installing Windows 7. The old version should Windows that is installed first should never be removed, because the system will not reboot.

In short, the above is one case of many, and I am recommending it, because I have tried it. Other situations and settings might work but I didn’t try them; moreover, you can’t predict the behavior of every computer since every one is unique when taking into account the programs, installed later on it.

To get the exact commands PDF guide free that you can follow, visit the website below and click the link that will take you to a survey; once you answer the three basic answers about why you need the guide, you will be taken to the page that displays the guide. You can either save it or print it.