The smartphone is the simplest form of communication source available today. It allows you to communicate with others via calls and chats. It offers you many other services as well like sending emails, clicking pictures, listening to music, running multiple useful apps and lot more. This form of communication source has definitely made the life of common man easy. Despite offering lot of services and features smartphone has some limitations too. Speed and performance issue is one such limitation of smartphones which virtually holds your work and causes due to various reasons. Let’s discuss some tips to free up storage space on your Android device for better performance and enhanced speed.

Update your device regularly: This is the simplest way to boost up your android device. Keep your device up to date with latest firmware updates. Regular OS updates will help you improve the performance of your device. At the same time, it ensures stability and better performance.

Clear Cache: Your device generates lots of cache memory over time. This cache data holds your storage space and affects your system speed as well. To clear cache on your device go to Settings > Storage > Internal storage > Cached data.

Disable Bloatware: Bloatware includes pre-installed apps and programs by your manufacturer. It includes a carrier and third party apps. These apps consume a lot of your device’s storage space and run in a background to affect your device performance. Unfortunately, you can’t delete these pre-installed apps, unless you decide to root your device but You can disable such apps. To disable these apps, go to Settings > Apps > Disable.

Delete unwanted apps & files: It is the truth of every device where it is piled up with many unwanted apps and files on it. These apps and files eat up your device’s storage space and slow down it. It is better idea to remove all such piled up data to make some breathing room for your device.

Extend device memory: Transfer your device data by inserting external storage cards on it. Once you shift your data to external storage space you provide additional space to your device RAM to perform better. You can use these cards in the range between 2GB to 32GB to support high-speed read and write operations.

Avoid animations: Animations and live wallpapers on your device consume more CPU cycles to run and drains more battery. Every time you activate your mobile live wallpapers on it consumes system resources to run. Thus it is advised to avoid all such animations on your device for better performance.

Stop Syncing: Sync services consumes a lot of internal memory of your device. Here certain apps sync all the time while others don’t. Sync service can cost slow speed of the device. Use sync only when required to improve the performance of the device.

Android devices in today’s time are more efficient and user-friendly. There are certain issues which affect its performance. Apply above mentioned steps to improve speed and performance of the android device.