We all get a great idea for new products at least once. Maybe it’s a way to streamline something in your job or perhaps it’s a new sort of children’s toy. So if you’re done slaving away under a thankless boss from 9 to 5 why not try and take your idea to the big time? In this article we’re going to discuss some of the specifics for getting your inflatable products made so that you can begin pitching your idea or even take them straight to being ready to sell.

Prep Work

An idea of what your product looks like isn’t quite enough to get it done. You need to start thinking along the specific sizes and patterns for making it. Just having a hot air seal service isn’t going to get that inflatable product made! You’ll want pictures or a drawing of what your product should look like so that you can explain it to other people.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have the rights to make the product legally. If you’re unsure, look it up yourself or even consider getting help from a law office that specializes in patents, trademarks and copyrights. If you’re serious about making your product, especially if it’s a new idea, you’ll want to protect your IP as well as make sure you can’t be sued for using an idea that’s already out there!

Get Some Blueprints

Now it’s time to get serious about making the product. You’ll need at least one prototype if you want to pitch the product to a business or investor and you’ll want it to look nice! You’ll need to set up some blueprint patterns for your inflatable product. You can either do this yourself or consider hiring an engineer familiar with inflatable products. You’ll also want to pin down what material you wish to use. In most cases vinyl will be your go to, but if you’re designing something heavier you can discuss it with your prototype builder.

Get a Builder

In order to make something inflatable we know it has to be leak proof, stitching it at home just won’t do! So how do you go about putting the pieces together to ensure a leak proof seal?

That’s where a hot air sealing or hot wedge sealing service comes in. These services are what you’ll need and they specialize in working with the vinyl or other plastic based materials that you’ll be handling. If you’re not familiar with what this service does check out an inflatable pool toy. You’ll notice a smooth plastic seam all around its edges or along it to give it shape. That’s a hot wedge sealing service.

There are a few different methods that they can use to make your product. It will depend on the materials and the design of the product which method needs to be used. Here’s a brief breakdown:

Radio Frequency Welding: This uses electromagnetic energy to bond thermal materials together with heat and pressure. They make fantastic quality seams and are best for very large products with multiple materials.

Hot Air Sealing: By using a nozzle to put hot air between two layers of material, the hot air sealing service is best suited for closed chamber or tube type constructions. It works great for complex configurations or on a heavier material.

Hot Wedge Sealing: Service used generally when RF welding or hot air sealing can’t be used. It is a tight control method for plastic welding making it great for close dimensional tolerances.

You’ll want to be very selective about your builder, especially since they will be helping you to craft your product! You want to pay for a quality prototype that you can use to pitch your idea with! Considering that your builder will have the most experience with making different types of product you can also ask them questions and get a better understanding of what can be one to improve the product, as well as get quotes for how much the product will cost.

Once you have your prototype crafted to your specifications, you’re ready to begin your business pitch!

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