Air travel is one of the fastest, most efficient and safest forms of travel that man has developed. However, for most people, spending a few hours on a plane is a dull and boring experience. Knowing how to make time pass quickly on a plane will benefit you both physically and mentally. The long tedious and monotonous flight time along with the endless humming of the engine and other audible ambient noises can render a person on a plane bored and exhausted.

Making time pass quickly on an airplane is not as complicated as it sounds. Knowing how to make time pass by will make your trip much more bearable. Most people just try to sit still and be quiet, but to be honest; that only makes things more unbearable and time pass even slower. It would also contradict our first tip on how to make time pass quickly on an airplane, which is:

1. Stop watching the clock. Watching the clock and minding the time will only make you count more sheep and exhaust you unnecessarily. Checking the time frequently will only make the time pass by slower on an airplane. As the saying goes “a watched clock never moves”

2. Another small but great idea when making time pass quickly on a plane is deep breathing, as most people with any kind of medical know-how would suggest. It’s probably the most common health advice in the hospital besides “drink lots of water”. Breathing shallow and quickly tricks our bodies into thinking that time is moving more slowly. So breathe deeply and let time pass quickly.

3. Other than ignoring the slowness of time, a great technique for making time pass faster on an airplane is making conversation with the people seated next to you. Making good conversation not only makes time pass quicker it also opens up opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. It’s a win-win deal.

4. Sleep is probably more of common sense than advice but it is nevertheless worth mentioning. Sleep will not only help you make pass time longer in an airplane but also prepare you and rejuvenate your mind and body for the activities you may have planned upon arrival in your destination.

5. You can’t sleep? Well then maybe some soothing music can help you get to sleep and make the time pass quickly while on the plane. Music has proven to make boring and exhausting flights much more bearable. It is no secret that music can affect our mood. So it’s probably wise when trying to make time pass quicker while on a plane to play a music genre that has that relaxing effect on you.

6. In this day and age, everything we need can probably in your pocket. If you have your hand-held gaming device with you, you can spend the time playing and actually enjoy this spare time. This is also a great option for those restless kids. These games can work wonders on kids, keeping them focused and, more importantly, quiet and occupied.

7. Portable computers such as laptops also give you something to do to pass the time while on a long flight. Most modern airplanes even have power sources for recharging and wireless internet available and we all know what the internet means. The internet is the best cure for boredom and will definitely make your flight much more bearable.

8. In-flight movies are also available on most airplanes, if you are lucky enough you might find the screening movie to be of your liking, which will probably render at least 2 hours off your flight wait. Nowadays, many planes allow you to choose from a selection of movies that will play in your own personal screen, located in the seat back in front of you. Just like watching a movie at home, in-flight movies are sure to help make time pass quicker during a long airplane flight.

9. On a long quiet flight, there is nothing more entertaining than reading a good book. Now, it doesn’t even have to be a physical book; you can read e-books on your phone or other handheld device. Some people enjoy reading newspapers, magazines or comics to pass the time on a plane. There really is no better way to pass the time on an airplane than by reading a great book!