Students study everywhere – lounging in bed, laying on the futon, sprawled out on the floor, and even seated at a good old fashioned desk (occasionally). Perhaps initially comfortable, longer periods spent in these “unnatural” positions leads to discomfort and even back, neck, and shoulder pain. Luckily there are some simple solutions that will increase their comfort with potential positive side effects of enhanced focus, posture, and energy.

Studying isn’t confined to a single location and neither should the textbook holder, laptop stand, or other device designed to improve the user’s comfort. Most often, a simple ergonomic lap desk can be the best solution to boost the student’s comfort. There are several aspects of an ergonomic laptop desk that should be considered prior to purchase – including design, material, and functionality. The most comfortable laptop desks for your lap rest over your legs, on the surface of the couch/bed/chair. By not resting directly on your legs, these laptop desks for your lap let the user move around freely – stretching out, crossing their legs, etc. – without worrying about upsetting their computer. This can be especially beneficial if the user accidentally dozes off during studying. On the contrary, laptop desks that rest directly on your lap restrict movement, freedom, and are generally less comfortable.

The materials used to construct the ergonomic stand can significantly affect stand productivity and longevity. The most common options include wood or a wood composite, plastic, and aluminum. If the lap desk will be used with laptops, the best option is an aluminum panel. Aluminum naturally dissipates heat helping to keep laptops running at a cooler temperature. Many wood and plastic stands come with built in vents or cooling fans that can also cool laptops. Second, when shopping for laptop desks for your lap, it’s important to understand how the student will use the stand and what features may benefit their life. For example, ergonomic lap desks can come with a plethora of options and features; including USB ports, cooling fans, speakers, lights, etc. In addition to the panel material and features, it’s also important to look at the adjustability and ease of use. Adjustable stands tend to be more comfortable, useful, and healthy. However there’s typically a tradeoff between adjustability and ease of use with more adjustments equating to more difficult and timely setup.

Finally versatility of the stand is super important for students. After all, students are studying with textbooks, tablets, laptops, papers, and notebooks. Having a textbook holder, tablet stand, and a laptop stand is overkill and will lead to most of the devices not being used. Choosing one stand that is compatible with all of these media outlets is often the most efficient and useful choice. It can be challenging to find a textbook holder that also works as a computer and tablet stand – but a versatile tilt and boost tray that universally works with all types of media outlets is often the best solution to make studying more comfortable and enjoyable for students.

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