If you are lucky enough to own the stylish new Motorola RAZR or a similar smartphone or tablet which runs the popular Android operating system, you can now enjoy free messages, calls and multimedia messages thanks to a new app called Viber.

What Is Viber?

Viber is an app which is currently in the list of top free apps in the Android market download charts, and provides an innovative means of communicating for free via various formats. At the time of writing, over 40 million Android smartphone users have downloaded Viber, making it one of the most popular communications apps yet.

How Does Viber Work?

Rather than using cellular data which is traditionally used as the medium through which calls and messages are sent, Viber calls upon a Wi-Fi or 3G connection and utilises this to send data, essentially eliminating the need to use cellular data provided by your phone network. Therefore you must make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or have a decent 3G connection, and it is also required that you have contacts who also have the app installed in order to communicate with them. Viber is available for Android and iOS, and given their combined market share, most of your contacts should be able to install the app on their handset. Viber will automatically sync with your existing contacts when installed so you will know instantly which of your friends already have Viber.

Who Is Viber For?

If you own an Android smartphone like the Motorola RAZR or an iOS operated handset like the Apple iPhone 4S, than Viber is likely to be an advantageous download for you. However, it is especially useful for those who have a limited number of minutes on their smartphone tariff, as you can bypass this using the 3G or Wi-Fi connections. Similarly, if you have a limit on your data allowance (most recent tariffs in the UK have a 500MB or 1GB data limit), then you can also use it over a Wi-Fi network to preserve your data allowance for more important tasks such as browsing the internet. Please note though, that if you are have exceeded your data limit for the month and use Viber, data charges may apply, although this can be resolved by using a Wi-Fi connection.

Given that the Viber app is free to download and use (it does not even have ads like many other free apps), it is certainly worth a download in my opinion. Even if you do not use it often it is a great idea to have it installed as a backup in case you exceed your data allowance.