Hi, AJ Simon. I wanted to write this article and explain why most affiliate marketers never make a profit with their online business’s. In fact, their business becomes an expensive hobby that is 100% unsatisfying. This is because they are doing something that 99% of affiliates do. Here’s what most affiliates do:

Choose an affiliate product. Purchase advertising in order to drive traffic to the affiliate offer. This used to work in the past. However, this will never work again. You see, people are sick and tired of being “pitched” the next best product that promises to help them solve their problems.

If you ever want to succeed with affiliate marketing, you need to add 2 things to your affiliate business. Here they are:

1. You need to start building your own mailing list. Create a squeeze page and offer something of value in exchange for your prospects email address. This is crucial if you want to be able to create a stable income online. You can use free “squeeze page” software to create your squeeze page if you don’t know how to use HTML.

2. You need what is called a “tripwire” product. This is a simple $7 or $10 offer that gets people to enter the front-end of your business with little resistance. This is what separates the 7 figure affiliates from the 5 figure affiliates. In fact, this one step is the ONLY reason you keep seeing the same names in the leader-boards.

The people who always make tons of money with affiliate marketing have this $7 “tripwire” product in place. They also know how to offer bonuses to their subscribers in order to make more sales. Let me give you an example of what adding a “tripwire” product can do for you. Let’s say you order an ad for 1,000 guaranteed visitors. Here’s what this will look like without the “tripwire” product in place:

You get 1,000 visitors to your sales page. Let’s say you are promoting an offer that makes you $47 per sale. Cold traffic (people who don’t trust you) will convert at about.01%. So you can expect about 10 sales. That’s $470.00. However, you spent $1 per visitor. This is an average cost. You spent $1,000 and made $470. Do you see why this doesn’t work anymore?

Now, let’s add the “tripwire” product for $7 on the front-end before they see the $47 product. From my personal experience, you can expect to convert at.08% on the $7 offer. That’s 80 sales for the same 1,000 visitors. That’s $560!

OK, so you’re not in profit yet. But here’s where it gets interesting. Those 80 people who purchased the $7 product are 10 times more likely to purchase your core product. So you can expect 30% of the people who purchased the $7 offer to also purchase your $47 offer. That’s an additional 24 sales. You generated another $1,128! So your total income generated from 1,000 visitors is $1,688. Now you’re in profit.

So you made $688 PURE profit from your $1,000 ad spend. Just imagine what you could do if you created a $97 up-sell from the $47 product!

Now, the first product you will either have to create yourself or find. This method can easily be used for affiliate marketing. Just create your very own “tripwire” product to promote in-front of your core affiliate offer. It’s easy!

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