Maybe you suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife of cheating on you and you want to know how to get copies of text messages that they have sent or received

If your name is on the bill, or you actually pay for the cell phone, you can call the company and request that copies of these text messages be provided to you. If your name is not on the cell phone bill, you will probably not be able to contact the cell phone service provider and ask for copies of the messages due to privacy laws. You need to be a little more resourceful when you think about how to get copies of text messages from their phone.

The easiest way to see the messages would be to get hold of the person`s phone while they are otherwise occupied. Taking a shower provides just about enough time. This can be hard though, your spouse is probably very protective of his phone if he is hiding something. If you are successful getting hold of the phone then turn their phone on and you will be able to check their mailbox and read messages sent and received. The only way you will not be able to see those messages is if they have been erased. And if your spouse indeed is cheating on you or is up to no good that is probably what is done, the messages has been deleted.

How to Get Copies of Text Messages From a Cell Phone

So how do you actually get access to the text messages if it is hard to get hold of the cell phone and if the messages are deleted? Do you think you can hold of the cell phone ones? If you can, you can install a mobilespy software that will do the job for you. The software will record all text messages, who sent it, when it was sent and the actual message. You can access all this information from a remote location, even if the messages are deleted.

So if you want to know how to get copies of text messages from a cell phone I would say that a mobilespy software would be one of your best options.

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