Verizon FiOS has a bundle package you can choose, and the bundling will allow you to make sure that you are able to get a free laptop, but also that you are able to get the services that you desire. A bundled deal offers great value for the consumer and is the most popular right now.

When you are looking for something like a free laptop, a good thing to think about is the various deals that you might be able to make with companies in order to get one. With Verizon FiOS,you are going to be able to get great deals on a free laptop for numerous reasons.

Anytime someone signs up for a bundled Verizon FiOS plan such as the Double Play or Triple Play, you will have the option to choose a free labtop with your order. Now there are various packaged plans and details may differ slighlty, but getting a solid packaged triple play plan will get you that free labtop you have always dreamed of.

The Better Triple Play is a bundle that you will be able to get that will allow you to get a free laptop. With this bundle, which is priced at $119, you are still going to get the same thing, the phone and the internet and TV, but the internet will be at 25/15 mbps, and you will be able to get the computer free.

The third plan that will allow you to get a computer is the Best Triple Play. This is a service that starts at $129. It is phone, internet, and TV, but the TV is Extreme HD, and you get premium channels. You also get the internet at 25/15. The computer comes free with this service.

Verizon FiOS offers value bundle plans for consumers willing to sign up for packages that offer value and savings.

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