Windows XP error code 45 is an error which often appears randomly on the typical Windows XP system. It’s caused by a problem with the drivers & hardware of your PC being unable to run coherently with your computer’s setup, making it essential that you’re able to repair any problem which may be causing error code 45 to show.

Error code 45 will typically show in this format:

  • Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

The error basically means that the hardware your PC requires to use (such as a webcam, graphics tablet or projector) is no longer attached to the system. This issue can be caused by two problems – the first being that the hardware is not actually attached to your PC any more, and the second being that Windows doesn’t recognize the hardware being present on your system. If the latter is true, then it’s essential you’re able to fix the problems on your system which are preventing Windows from being able to access the various pieces of hardware which it requires. Here’s how…

The first step to repairing this error is to first ensure the hardware of your system is actually connected to your PC. It can often be the case that the various pieces of hardware will either have a damaged power supply / cable, which causes them to flicker between being on and off. You need to make sure your hardware is actually connected, as if it is not, then your PC will just show error 45 as it cannot process it.

The second step to fix this problem is to look at what drivers & settings your system has to control the hardware on the system. Each piece of hardware on your PC is controlled by a series of “drivers” and other software tools which are designed to help Windows communicate with the various hardware components of your system. As you may imagine, many of these software “bridges” often become damaged, corrupted or unreadable – leading Windows to be unable to read the hardware components it requires. If you want to make the 45 error disappear, then it’s essential that you’re able to repair any damaged drivers, and fix the problems that are inside your PC.

One of the best ways to repair the 45 error code is to use a registry cleaner program. These are software tools which basically scan through a part of your PC called the “registry”, and fix any of the damaged or corrupted settings which are often accumulated inside. The registry is a database which stores all the settings that Windows requires to run, and is a very important part of your system. If you are having problems with your system, the registry is actually one of the most likely causes – which means that by fixing the damaged settings inside it, you should allow your system to run much smoother and reliably.

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