The Lanuage.dll file is a Dynamic Link Library file which acts like a set of instructions for your computer. This particular file is used to translate computer binary language into human readable language which is the text that you and I can read on a website for example. The language.dll error has appeared numerous times when attempting to play various Windows games on your computer, either because the language.dll file is not there or it has been severely damaged or changed somehow.

The language.dll error occurs when your computer fails to read or acknowledge that the file is actually there. The file is needed so it can convert computer readable language into the human readable language that we can see. However errors like this can occur if the file has been damaged or corrupt in some way shape or form. If for instance the file has been corrupt then there is a good chance that a virus has infected your system and altered the structure which means the computer will find it extremely difficult to read the file because of its change in structure.

You can fix the Language.dll error by following some simple steps which are outlined below. It is strongly recommended that you fix this error immediately because if it is left unattended, then other files can end up the same way as this file, which would inevitably create even more problems for your computer.

Firstly it is recommended that you uninstall any programs that might be causing the occurring error. To do this follow these steps:

  • Click Start
  • Select Control Panel
  • Choose Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features if you are a Vista or 7 user
  • Select the necessary programs and proceed to uninstall them by following the wizard
  • Restart your computer

Finally it is highly recommended that you perform a registry scan as this will find any impurities or other damaged files that are lurking in the registry that could cause other errors. The registry is a virtual database which contains important hierarchical information stored as files and settings which your computer uses to carry out certain tasks such as load the Internet. When you attempt to load the Internet your computer will look in the registry for the specific file which tells it how to complete this task. However things like viruses and other damaged files can upset the delicate structure of the registry which ultimately causes errors and cause your computer to run extremely slow and sometimes leave it vulnerable to infection.

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