The pci.sys missing or corrupt error occurs when the file is corrupt or missing from the computer. How do you fix this? There are perhaps two most frequently used methods to resolve this issue. One is by using the recovery console option. The other is by performing the in-place upgrade function to restore the missing or corrupt file.

The recovery console is the method that is performed by many. Usually, a simple act of rebooting the system would do the trick. But this may not solve the issue permanently. You have to install windows operating system and when you go the set up page, repair the installation by pressing R. the shortcut key is to repair the installation process. After this step, you have to open the recovery console screen by pressing C.

After typing the right number of the Windows operating system you want to install, you have to type the local administrator password if it is called for. Then, enter the suitable commands on the console prompt, such as map so that you can obtain the driver letter. After the commands are entered, you can exit the screen and restart Windows normally. This time, you would not get the screen that says that the PCI file is corrupt or missing.

Another simple way to fix this error is to run command prompt. Make sure that you open the file as the system administrator as only the admin can do major changes and limited users cannot. On the screen type, “sfc /scannow” and hit the Enter key. A scan opens and at the end of the scan the error would mostly be fixed. Restart the computer to make sure you do not get the error message again. These are some of the most commonly used methods to fix this error.

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