ieframe.dll is a file used by “Internet Explorer” to help load up all the files and settings that your computer will use to process HTML code into viewable web pages. Not many people know this, but every web page you see online has been created by the developer writing a series of HTML (hyper text markup language) code and then making it into a.html file. This code will then be “translated” by your web browsers into a readable & viewable website. Although this means that the ieframe.dll file is highly important, it’s often the case that it’s causing a large number of errors on your by PC by the file being saved incorrectly or your PC having incorrect settings trying to read it. To ensure this problem is not a big issue, you need to fix the various problems that can cause the ieframe.dll errors to appear.

The errors which ieframe.dll causes will often show in the format of “ieframe.dll cannot be found” or “ieframe.dll is missing”. The actual error is either going to be caused by the file being unreadable / damaged, or your PC having some sort of setting that’s preventing it from being able to read it. To fix the problem, you should first ensure that the file mentioned in the error is working correctly, and then that your PC is able to run the programs & files it needs correctly.

The first step to fix the ieframe.dll error is to first try and reinstall Internet Explorer. If you have IE9, then this can be done by going to the “Add / Remove Programs” part of Windows and removing it from there. Apart from that, you may want to look at the likes of “un-registering” and then “re-registering” the Internet Explorer application. After doing this, it’s then recommended that you replace the ieframe.dll file on your PC with one you can obtain from the Internet. This will not only allow your computer to better read the file, but will also ensure your system can process the settings it needs to run it.

The second step to fixing this error is to use a “registry cleaner” program to scan through your PC and get rid of any of the damaged parts of your system which may be leading the error to appear. A registry cleaner is a software tool designed to scan through the registry database of your computer and repair any of the corrupted or damaged settings that are inside. The registry database is a central storage facility for all the files & settings that Windows requires to run, including everything from your Stored Passwords and your most recent emails. More importantly, the registry stores a large list of DLL files that your system will use to run… but as this list is used, it’s often corrupted and therefore prevents Windows from reading the files it needs. To fix this problem, you can download and run a registry cleaner program, which will fix any potentially damaged registry settings inside your PC.

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