The 619 error is common on Windows XP when you try and connect to the Internet via a dial-up connection. Although this error states that your connection could not be maintained because of the username and password for your PC is not correct, the fact is that a number of different problems cause it to show. If you want to fix this error, you basically need to repair all the potential errors which are causing it to appear, which includes everything from Windows errors to potential issues with your Internet Service Provider. This tutorial is going to show you how to fix the errors in the most effective way possible:

The error generally shows in this format:

Verifying Username & Password… Error 691: Access Denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain.

The way to fix this error is actually quite simple. There are two potential errors which can cause it to show, including having incorrect login information and registry errors. The first step to take to resolve this error is to basically ensure your login details are 100% correct. You may have either typed the details in the wrong way, or have forgotten them. To fix this, you should load up your Internet Options and then make sure that the username and password for your connection is correct. If you don’t know your login details, you should contact your administrator or domain manager to ensure that your information is correct. It’s vital that you are able to login correctly to the ISP that you have.

After that, you should then use a “registry cleaner” to fix the various problems that your computer may have inside. A registry cleaner is a powerful type of software which will basically fix a variety of problems that your system will have inside the “registry database” of your system, and is used by millions of people around the World to ensure that your computer has no issues / problems inside it. You can download a registry cleaner from the Internet and then allow it to fix the various errors your system has by letting it scan your PC. It will remove all the problems inside, allowing Windows to run much faster and without the errors you’re seeing.

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