Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a fantastic first-person shooter game and it works on a system with high specifications having no glitches. Many computer users have reported on various gaming forums online that game crashes to desktop when they start Battlefield Bad Company 2. Sometimes the same problem occurs suddenly when a user is playing game. It happens even if they are running the game on a powerful computer.

To solve this game crashing problem you must know the exact reason which is causing this problem.


Game not installed correctly

Corrupt Windows registry

System doesn’t meet the basic requirements of game

Here are some tips which will fix the Battlefield Bad Company 2 crash to desktop problem.

Install Microsoft Updates

Re-Install the Game

Repair Registry

Install Microsoft Updates

If you haven’t installed latest Microsoft updates it can result in Battlefield Bad Company 2 crashes because games require latest updates to run. Follow these steps to install latest Microsoft updates.

Click on Start

Select Control Panel

In Control Panel click Windows Update located at the end

Follow the onscreen instructions

On installation of updates reboot your PC

After installing the latest Microsoft Updates run the game again.

Re-Install the Game

If the game is not installed properly it leads to Battlefield Bad Company 2 crash to desktop. It is important that first you un-install the game and then install it again. Follow these steps to un-install the game properly.

Click Start button and select Control Panel

In Control Panel click on Programs and Features

Now right-click on Battlefield Bad Company 2

Click on un-install

Follow the on-screen instructions

Restart your system after un-installing the game

Now install the game again it won’t crash this time.

Repair Registry

Battlefield Bad Company 2 crashes if your Windows registry is corrupted. Windows registry stores all the information about the applications or games you run on your system. If the registry keys are corrupted it not only crashes the game but affects the overall performance of your PC. You cannot repair Windows registry manually as it requires an expertise to do so. Use a powerful Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer that cleans your PC from junk files and increases its performance.

It is also helpful to defrag Windows registry, optimize computer services and clean computer from junk files. You can do these things through a powerful system optimization software. Doing so will not only prevent gaming errors and crashes but will also speed up your computer games.