Mac OS, like Windows, offers already built-in faxing capabilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using your Mac OS computer or laptop as an implicit fax machine and sending free fax online anywhere in the world:

In order to follow these steps, your computer should have a modem attached to a phone line. If your modem is connected to a phone line, then your Apple computer is on its own configured to send faxes.

Step 1) Select File > Print

Step 2) Click on Fax PDF from the PDF pop-up menu and then choose your fax machine from the Printer pop-up menu. If, at this, you see an error message saying “No Fax Modems Were Found”, then you have incorrectly attached your fax modem or are using an unsupported fax modem.

Step 3) After setting up the fax machine and opening the Fax PDF tool, type your recipient’s fax number into the to area. You can also select and paste a number into the field from your Address Book.

Step 4) Some phone systems needs you to dial a prefix in order to contact an outside line. If important, type that prefix into the Dialling Prefix box (if unsure, just leave it empty).

Step 5) Click Use Cover Page if you require to create and attach a cover page to your fax.

Step 6) Make sure, you’ve selected the correct fax device from the Printer pop-up menu.

Step 7) Change fax options under the Print Options pop-up menu if required. Those options include your modem’s behaviour, dialling patterns, and communications menus.

Step 8) Click on Fax to send your fax. It will be sent out as early as your modem is available.

How to Send and Receive a Fax in Linux

Sending a fax over Linux is usually quite complicated. It’s complex for two main reasons:

• There’s no embedded-in Linux faxing software.

• The vast majority of modems are created to work with Windows, not Linux.

Because of both of these problems, your best option for faxing via Linux is to install in a third-party application.

Faxing Using Your Computer with A Fax Provider

Windows computers have a built-in application that allows you send, receive, and edit faxes straight away from your PC. To reach to this application, simply plug a phone line into your PC and follow the OS-specific directions below there. Many non-Windows computers, including Macs and Linux machines, also run this functionality.

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