When you think of a business card, you probably imagine a professional looking glossy card with the standard business details like company logo, persons name, job title and their phone number.

Very bland, very boring, and the only people who will look at it twice, are those who just needed your phone number written down because they’d already been sold on using your services.

I would argue that the whole idea of a “Business Card” is to help get business… yet something has gone wrong along the way. They’ve turned into “contact cards” that certainly don’t work at getting any business.

You’ll see these exact same cards being handed out by the dozen at trade shows, seminars and any type of business congregation… with the hope that the receiver will be interested and will contact the giver for more information.

But why would they?

Why would anyone who has no idea who you are contact you because your card says that your name is “John Smith” and you’re a “Business Consultant” or whatever?…

AnswerThey wouldn’t!

Instead of this ‘image rich, content poor’ business card, create an ‘image poor, content rich’ one.

You basically want to use all the real estate of the business card to create a “Direct Response” style card.

Here’s what it’ll need

  1. Plain white background with black text
  2. Big, attention grabbing headline
  3. Explain what you can do for the client
  4. Make an irresistible offer
  5. Create a “call to action”
  6. Use scarcity to create immediate action

Using these basic direct response strategies ensures that you’ll get a much higher response than you would with the standard business card layout.

Plus, hardly anybody does this, so your cards will stand out from the crowd. While everyone else is trying to add more colour, fancy fonts and pointless images, your plain looking direct response business card will get the attention.

Don’t use images unless they add to the message… and cram as much text in as you need. Don’t be afraid to make it small, because if people care about what you’re saying, they’ll squint to read it if they have to!

TIP: Instead of leaving the back of your business cards blank, spend a little extra and use the back for testimonials. Add at least one, along with photos of each testimonial giver.

Business cards are so cheap to create these days, and if you can have them working as their own sales force, why wouldn’t you design yours immediately and start to notice the difference this week!

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