Controlling the Christmas tree lights with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is easier than you think. You can set this up in a few hours and then dazzle your family and friends as you turn the lights on and off from the comfort of the couch.

It is important to realize, however, that there is no magical iPhone app that can independently control your lights. An iPhone app can communicate with a control network, which in turn can control the lights. In other words, you will need to set up a control network, hook up your Christmas tree lights to that network, and then use an iPhone app to control that network.

A control network can manage your Christmas tree lights, but it can do much more. Once you have that network in place, you can use it for all sorts of other things. For example, a control network can be used to automate any of the lights in your home, lock your doors, manage your thermostat and program appliances to run at certain times.

You can set up a basic control network for as little as $125. You can then add on a module to control your tree lights for about $50. One of the most affordable control networks is the Smarthome Insteon SmartLinc.

An Insteon home control network is easy to set up. It involves plugging a SmartLinc controller into an outlet, and then attaching that controller to your home router. You will then use a simple web-based wizard to configure your control network. It is important to note that this solution requires you to already have a wi-fi network in place.

At your Christmas tree, you will plug the lights into a plug-in module called the Insteon LampLinc. You also need to connect the LampLinc to your control network, which you can do in a few minutes following easy-to-use instructions.

Once you have connected the LampLinc module to your network, you will be able to control your lights with the web browser on your iOS device. You will be able to turn lights on and off, or you will be able to program them for certain times. Instead of using the web browser, however, you may choose to purchase a specific iPhone or iPad app for controlling your lights. “Home Guru” is one app available on the iTunes Store that is particularly good for controlling lights.

Controlling your tree lights with an iPhone will certainly impress everyone. However, having your lights go on and off automatically is probably a bigger advantage. This way, your lights can be on as you come home from work. It also means that you do not have to think about turning them off at night.

This article provides a quick overview of how you can control your Christmas tree lights with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.