Clearing Paper Jams

When a paper jam occurs, a warning message appears on the display screen. Refer to the instructions below to locate and clear the jam

IMPORTANT – Whenever removing paper do so without tearing. Fragments of paper left over become harder to remove. *NOTE: The message provides a guide to location of jammed paper. If paper is not located in the suggested area, proceed to the next related area within the machine.

In some instances after clearing the jam, the Front Door must be opened and closed before error message will disappear.

Multi Purpose Tray

When you are printing using the ‘Multi-purpose’ Tray and the machine detects that there is no paper or it has been improperly loaded, follow the steps


Check if the sheet is caught in the feeding area, if so grip it with both hands and gently and slowly pull it toward you.

If you cannot find the jammed sheet, or if there is any resistance removing the sheet, stop pulling, close the multi-purpose tray and go to step two.


Remove the paper tray from the machine and lay on a flat surface


When removing the paper tray always keep the tray horizontal until it has been cleared

from the machine. Failure to do so can result in dislodging the tray sensor.


Release and lift the ‘inner cover’ by pushing the two green levers.

With the ‘inner cover’ in the raised position,grip the sheet evenly and gently pull until it is clear of the tray.

Lower the ‘inner cover’ until it clicks back into place.

Replace the tray back into the machine, ensuring that the tray is kept horizontal.

If you cannot find any jammed paper in this area, go to step four.

Paper Feed Area

If a jam is in the feed area; follow the next steps to release the jammed paper.

IMPORTANT – The four OPC’s [green imaging rollers] are light sensitive and will be affected when exposed to light. DO NOT keep the front door open for extend time.


Using the handle open the front door and lower until it is completely open.

Jammed paper in this area should be protruding from under one of the green imaging rollers.

Grip the sheet evenly on both edges and remove by gently pulling. It is important to avoid tearing it so remove carefully and slowly.

IMPORTANT – Do NOT rush the removal of jammed paper. It is important not to tear the paper so as to leave hard to retrieve paper Fragments.

Close the door firmly and the machine will resume printing.

If you cannot find the jammed paper or if there is any resistance removing paper, stop pulling and go to Step Five. Rollers are light sensitive!


Close the front door.

Remove the paper tray. [Keep tray horizontal when removing]

A jam in this area will become visible when the tray is removed, gently pull it straight out.

Align paper tray with the slot and slide back into the machine.

Open the front cover [door] and close it. The machine will resume printing.

Fuser Area

If paper is jammed in the fuser unit area, follow the next steps to release the jammed paper.

The Fuser is hot, when removing jammed paper from this area exercise caution and allow the machine to cool for approximately 5 minutes.


Lift up the top cover until it is fully extended. [Note: Clearing jams in this area are also covered by the decal under the cover]

Open the inner cover by using the handle.

With the ‘inner cover’ raised, the fuser assembly becomes visible. The Fuser will be hot, observe high temperature warning label.

Raise the cover over the Fuser and lift the two green ‘paper jam levers’ that sit at either end.

Raising the ‘paper jam levers’ releases pressure on any jammed paper in this area.

Any paper jammed in the Fuser will become visible, carefully remove taking care not to tear and leave any paper fragments in the fuser.

Return both green levers to their operating position

IMPORTANT – Any fragments of paper left in any of the ‘paper jam areas’ will result in the Jam Message re-occurring when machine is switched back on. If there is no paper jammed in this area, follow step seven

Paper Exit Area

If paper is jammed in the paper exit area, follow the next steps to release the jammed paper.


The ‘paper exit area’ is that part of the machine where copied/printed paper exits the machine.

If a long portion of the paper is visible from the front of the exit area, pull it straight out.

Open and close front door firmly and the machine will resume printing. If there is no paper jammed paper in this area or there is any resistance to removing paper, stop pulling and go to next procedure.

Open the top cover/scan unit.

The paper exits into the paper tray from underneath the cover of the ‘reverse unit’.

Open the cover of the ‘reverse unit’ using the handle on it.

Carefully remove the jammed paper out of the paper exit path.

If there is any resistance in removing the paper or difficulty gripping the paper, stop pulling and turn the green ‘release wheel’ to remove any caught paper.

Close the cover of the ‘reverse unit’. If you cannot find the jammed paper in the exit path, or there is resistance stopping pulling and go to the next step.

At the rear of the machine, lower the door.

If paper is visible remove and check for paper which may be jammed in other parts of the machine. • When all paper has been removed, close rear door and resume printing.