With normal usage, you should clean your HP Deskjet F380 all in one printer every six months. With high usage, you should clean it every three months. To clean your all in one printer, first unplug the power cord from the printer. To decrease the risk of electric shock, wait for 30 second after you have unplugged it. Also, unplug the power cord from the wall. Remember never to spray cleaning fluids directly on any unit. If you have accidentally spilled cleaning fluid on the unit, wait for it to dry, and then continue the cleaning process. Use a soft cloth for the exterior of the unit. Distilled water or purified water works best. You can use a mild cleaning fluid for this task to get out the more stubborn stains.

Clean the glass scanner unit when you receive notices saying that you need to replace the scanner glass, or when you see black dots and splotches on the papers you are scanning. You can clean the glass with normal glass cleaner and a soft cloth. The inside of the glass cannot be cleaned by you. If it needs cleaning, take it to an authorized servicing center. Remember not to spray the glass cleaner directly on the HP Deskjet F380 unit. Spray it first on the lint free cloth and then clean the glass.

After cleaning the glass, on the HP Deskjet F380, you should also clean the white reference strip. The reference strip helps to provide a white backdrop for scanning pages that are smaller that the size of the glass. If the backdrop is dirty, you will have splotches and dots on the background. Clean it using a soft lint free cloth and mild detergent. Be careful not to let any liquid drip into the unit. If water does dip down, wait for several hours for it to dry before plugging the machine back in.

Clean the paper feed rollers if the printer has been jamming papers regularly. To access the bottom rollers, remove the paper tray. To access the internal rollers on top, take off the scanner lid. Wipe down the rollers with a wet cloth. Again, use distilled water. Cleaning your machine will help to lengthen its useful life. If you receive errors related to the machine’s performance, chances are it just needs to be cleaned. You can clean the HP Deskjet F380 yourself, follow these instructions, or you can send it in to the service center for cleaning.