The world of computers and technology is always in constant expansion. There is no limit when it comes to the technology. Nearly every other day we hear of a new hardware, software or a machine, getting launched. People who have been associated with the field of hard ware and repair of certain machines, will definitely know, that how difficult it is to survive in such fast changing world of technology. Gaming consoles are the extensions of computers and technology and are getting quite popular. Nearly, every other youngster owns it. The ability to repair Xbox console is quite a plus point which will add charm to your resume.

If you are looking forward to become an Xbox repair technician, then you need to be very much firm on proceeding with the following steps.

1. Begin with the computer courses. Take some computer courses which will tell you repair, servicing, troubleshooting and building procedure of the personal computers.

2. Buy yourself an Xbox gaming console and as you learn about the personal computers, compare the Xbox with it.

3. Visit the Microsoft website. From there you can find a great deal of help from the section of the learning center. You may find various guides that will help you in becoming more proficient in your work.

4. Read thoroughly and learn the guides by heart, with the Xbox parts all apart from each other.

5. Now, put whatever you have learnt into test. Go for the repair of a broken Xbox gaming console. Use all of your knowledge from the computer courses, your knowledge about the gaming console from the Microsoft guides and from your own computer versus Xbox analysis.

6. When you are confident that you are ready, give the test on the Microsoft website. Pass the test and become a licensed technician.

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