Electronic medical record technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry for the better. However, many people do not actually understand its significance or how it can help their medical practice. In this article we will cover the basics to what an EMR is on how it can benefit your company. We will also talk about some of the latest technologies helping grow the adoptability of this amazing system.

Firstly an EMR or electronic medical record is a computerized medical record. Simply put it is a system that allows for the digital storage of patient records, information, x-rays, and more. The first obvious benefit for this type of system is the ability to store data in a safe secure location. No longer do you need to keep patient information in a room in the back. All of these records can now be stored on computer hard drives. Storing patient information on a hard drive also allows for the quicker recall of records. Your medical assistant or secretary no longer has to search through endless amount of patient charts to find information for you. They can now simply do a search on the computer and find the needed information.

While there are many benefits of the EMR system there are a few concerns many Doctors have. The upfront cost of a medical record system is not cheap. However, the Government has introduced incentive programs to help cushion the amount paid by every practice. Specifically you can receive these incentives by showing the Government you have implemented “meaningful practice” with the system. To learn more about these great incentives you can complete a simple search on Google.

Finally the most important factor affecting Emr systems is the integration with recent technology. Patient records and other information from these systems can now be stored in what is called the “cloud”. What this means is that patient information can be stored on a server somewhere else in the World. These servers are located in secure areas that allow maximum safety and protection. The patient information located on these servers can also be accessed from a secure login anywhere in the World on compatible devices. Can you imagine being able to instantly view patient information on your laptop or notebook computer anywhere in a hospital? Because of EMR technology this is now a possibility.

In closing EMR technology has changed the way hospitals and medical practices can operate. You can now access patient information everywhere and with record speed. This technology will save everyone in your office a large amount of time, therefore saving you and your practice money. So make the switch today by first learning even more about this ground breaking technology.

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