Our society now is running through the fast-paced lane to the future where everything is an instant leaving behind the traditional slow moving world. During the old times, communication is slow and very primitive. It takes time before the message arrived to the person concern. But now, there is the email that delivers email in seconds.

In 1994, file transferring has come to innovation with the emergence of the Bluetooth technology. It was first used to solve the problems of synchronizing several devices by telecoms vendor ericsson. By now, the Bluetooth technology conquers the world’s mobile phones and other devices. Using a low 2.45 GHz frequency, it transfers files and other communication data to another device.

Life as we know it became less complex with the use of Bluetooth technology. Garage doors can now be opened with just a push of a button, monitors and cameras can now be synchronized to monitor your baby back home, your mobile phones can now be connected and you can now share files without using cable connectors. It is completely wireless.

Bluetooth signals also cannot interrupt other electronic device because it is only using weak signals that consume only 1mw. Unlike other devices that interferes and disrupts data communications, Bluetooth is completely harmless.

The radius of Bluetooth signals’ limit of reach is about 32 feet which gives it an edge over the cable connectors and wires. Even though Bluetooth signals are weak, the walls in your home are not thick enough to cut the connections between Bluetooth devices making the transfer of files and data communications from room to room possible.

Bluetooth connection is wireless and automatic as it defines the term “wireless” there are now wireless headphones that uses the Bluetooth technology which comes in handy because the wires that sometimes strangles or accidentally tied to other things are now removed and replace by the unseen signals of the Bluetooth.

It enables the user to listen to cool music anywhere within the range of the Bluetooth allowing him to do more tasks without the distractions of cable wires.

It is also used in computer mouse where the cable connecting the computer mouse to the PC or laptop is no longer use thus, elongating the range enabling the user to move the cursor and control the computer from a distance lessening the irritation to the eyes caused by prolonged exposure to the radiation coming from PC screens which causes cancers and blindness.

Not only the mouse, computer keyboards can also be connected to the PC with the use of Bluetooth. The combination of computer mouse and computer keyboard connected by Bluetooth makes reports, meetings and class discussion easy. A projector projects the images while the person teaching or reporting navigates the computer from a distance eliminating the need for the facilitator to stand in front which sometimes obstructs the view from the audiences.

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