Whether one is in his or her home or outside, home security is amongst the top priorities of most people. Home Security does not only imply safety and protection from burglaries or thefts, it also includes protection from prospective damage from fire, flooding, power failure and gas leakage. While one would essentially be taking all the routine precautionary measures against any of these damages, professional home security and various home security gadgets are at the center stage due to their wide spread popularity and success.

A wide range of gadgets like sensor doorbells, CCTV cameras, Wireless Wi-Fi cameras, burglar alarms and other anti-theft security systems are readily available today. Comprehensive Security systems are also available in a wide price range for installation in your home by professionals.

At the basic level, any home security company will offer you a package which includes entry and motion sensors to protect (and warn you) against someone opening a door or a window or breaking a glass to enter your home.

Latest and most likeable features which most security companies offer you include:

1. Super-fast cellular connection – A connection without a phone line and one which cannot be cut by intruders.

2. Round the clock monitoring – For instance response and police dispatch.

3. Mobile Control – From your laptop or smartphone.

4. Secret Alerts – Optional for your gun safes, closets and file drawers etc.

5. SMS and E-mail Alerts – So that you know what’s happening when it’s actually happening.

6. Protection that’s smash-proof – Alerts the police if a burglar breaks the keypad.

7. Protection from power outages – Systems which operate on lithium batteries that last up to 5 years and work in case of power failures also.

8. Advanced Fire and Smoke Detectors – For protection in case of fire or gas leaks.

9. Sensitive long range wireless sensors – To fit your needs even in large homes.

10. Portability – Just in case you are moving home.

11. Pet friendly – The equipment fits well with your pets at home.

The latest state-of-the-art home security systems available today give you the various features mentioned above and allow you to keep an eye on your home from wherever you are by simply pressing a few buttons on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can use these friendly cameras to keep an eye on intruders or on your children or pets at home.

Luckily for you, there are organizations experts who offer free reports to those who want to learn how to protect their homes.

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