Your toddler has diaper rash again! Even if his diaper is only slightly wet, he screams in pain because the bodily fluids sting his tender skin. No matter how often change him, he is still miserable. When he was a newborn, you could lay him on his tummy and leave the diaper off for awhile, so his sore bottom could get some relief. However, he is too active now. Letting him “air out” would be a disaster. You definitely need healing of diaper rash with Tamanu Oil.

If you are unfamiliar with this natural healing substance, let me explain. Tamanu oil is found within the kernel of a tropical fruit by the same name. The tree on which it grows is harvested twice a year. The kernels are saved and dried. After a few weeks, the oil is extracted. Unfortunately, the sum total of oil from both crops is approximately 5 kilograms. However, its healing powers definitely make it worth the wait.

Not only has it already been proven to heal diaper rash in a day or less, it does so much more, and without one chemical additive. For instance, in Europe it is used to heal post-surgical wounds, gout, skin allergies, athlete’s foot, and is 70-75% affective when treating rheumatism and scabies.

In addition, Pacific islanders use tamanu oil for almost ever skin ailment under the sun. Among its myriad of miracles, it is known to reduce acne scarring, heal eczema, insect bites, and sunburn. In fact, some people use it to reduce foot and body odor!

Tamanu oil has been proven so affective; it is even applied to the skin of leprous patients with positive results. If it can handle a myriad of skin maladies and other diseases, it can certainly take care of your toddler’s raging rash. In a matter of hours, you will see a vast improvement. More importantly, your youngster will feel better.

Try it and you will never buy those gooey creams that stick like glue, again. Thus, you baby will not have to smell like a medicine chest, and you will not have to further irritate the skin by spending extra time trying to wipe away, and replace the sticky mess. With Tamanu Oil, you simply clean the skin during every diaper change, like you would anyway, and reapply nature’s best treatment.

In fact, if your hands are getting chapped from washing frequently, especially after changing a soiled diaper, tamanu oil can be good for you! The miracle healer can also successful tackle your dry chapped hands. In fact, every member of your family will probably benefit from its application at one time or another.

For example, if you also have a teenager in the house, tamanu oil is great for healing acne. If Dad cuts himself shaving, nature’s healer will help repair the wound. Likewise, if big brother crashes on his bike, skinning his knee, the oil will come to the rescue.

In short, Tamanu oil is a natural solution to getting rid of diaper rash in a day, and so much more. Not only will it soothe any skin problem, it also promotes healing and new healthy cell growth. So, get some for your baby’s bottom, and keep it around for the myriad of other likely uses for the rest of the family. In essence, it is almost like a medicine chest, full of treatments, in one bottle.

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