Innovation is the way to go with modern advertising and in keeping up with this spirit the savvy marketing executive will note the great potential that the grocery cart presents as a unique advertising vehicle. Grocery carts ads may not be new but they are grossly underused thanks to overdependence on the conventional marketing channels i.e. TV, radio and print. Nonetheless, with the increasing need for diversity in advertising platforms more interest is being drawn to shopping cart advertising in order to reach target markets in their millions. With the many supermarkets available nationwide and with supermarket ads being quite affordable it is no surprise that companies are now battling for a presence on shopping carts countrywide.

There is more than enough justification for the demand of shopping cart ads among many companies. For starters, there are thousands of supermarkets countrywide and which are visited by approximately 15,000 shoppers per week whereby 98% of them will use these carts to haul their shopping. If these statistics do not represent a sound marketing potential then clearly another definition of this word is needed. Out-of-home media is what marketing executives are after and grocery cart ads are creating the “forced” advertising that marketing companies greatly desire. It is also advertising that appears at points of interest simply because everybody needs groceries. Everyone needs to use the roads and thus the highway billboards; shopping cart advertising is just as effective.

A wide variety of businesses can make use of grocery cart ads. This is because it is easy to tailor marketing messages for the people in their specific target audiences in a particular area. Small businesses love the fact that they can grab the attention of people in their areas of target by only focusing on the supermarkets in these areas and therefore it remains an inexpensive means of advertising for them. It is all about placing well-crafted marketing material containing a logo or brand and easy-to-remember contact details on the cart. In doing so, businesses will be cheaply tapping into the masses that the supermarkets spend millions of dollars to attract.

Having the right shopping cart ad agency by your side is the key to a successful campaign. The right firm is one that has onboard a large number of supermarkets willing to cooperate in this arrangement. All that the agency may need from your business as a client is a digital copy of the logo, photo and the advertisement message so as to embark on the sales, design and ad installation process. Clients are typically supplied with proofs for approval before ad implementation.

There is great flexibility in this service as companies can have different ads in the various supermarkets they choose. This is a good incentive especially if a company has different products as this will avoid cramming up the marketing messages and which may result in customers ignoring or even disliking the company in question. With many more customers streaming back to supermarkets to buy food as opposed to eating out due to the current harsh economic times it is safe to say that grocery cart ads are a viable marketing option.

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