Welcome back! Today we will discuss Cultivate Your Garden that relates to the 6 laws of the mind first taught to me by Kerry Riley via his Mind Powers course back in the mid 1980’s. Kerry had incurable cancer that was diagnosed by Western medicine and he was given a year or so to survive. He toured India, China and Japan to learn from the masters how to heal himself and master his mind. He was able to cure himself and he created his mind power courses and had various seminars to spread the word.

The 6 laws of the Mind are: –

1. Your thoughts are real forces.

2. Your mind is a sending and receiving station of thoughts.

3. You have the power to insert any thought you choose.

4. When thoughts become emotionalized they attract like thoughts.

5. You have the power to entertain or dismiss any thought you choose.

6. The inner world of thoughts causes the outcomes of the outer world of situations and circumstances that are happening to you.

How does one cultivate their Mind’s Garden?

1. Discipline, Self Observation, Plan and Act

– Focus your mind on positives – meditating is a good technique

– Determination and use your will power to succeed

– Use Daily Self Mastery process as described in the article 6 of the series. Every day practice as described in article 4 “6 step REPAIR Process”.

R – Recognize stress

E – Ease yourself

P – Plan response

A -Act decisively

I – Intently Focus on the plan and

R – Refine and Refocus on revised plan OR ASK for help if necessary

Briefly take note of what you are predominately thinking or doing – are your thoughts/beliefs/values serving your highest purpose? Identify issues to be resolved. Create positive PLAN and ACT now to correct issue.

2. Weed out negatives, stress and anxiety from your mind’s garden

– There are 4 “quick” techniques that can be used to deal with the negative or stressful thoughts. Refer to Article 5 for more details. Briefly it is to use the 4 step DEAL method:-

D – Dismiss stressful or negative thought

E – Exaggerate a stressful or negative thought

A – Act against the stressful or negative thought by inserting the exact opposite thought

L – Label the stressful or negative thought

– If you find the negative thought persistently occurs then what is required is to dig out the weed from your belief system. This can be achieved by a number of methods and I suggest you use a certified practitioner to perform this.

3. Attract good things into your life.

– Decide on a passionate career now!

– Decide to be happy now!

– Decide to be healthy now!

– Decide that your general well being and self development are the highest priorities now!

– Do and think happy / healthy / fulfilling things!

– Attract people who have similar goals and values and do joint projects together

– ACT now and be courageous!

4. Live with honour

– Live with high ethics and ideals – “as a living demonstration of personal power and integrity”

– Regard everybody including yourself as divine and precious

– Make your life work well and on the journey help others on the way.

In conclusion this ties together your basic “mind” toolset that anybody can succeed with. I will discuss other self-mastery techniques in more detail in the coming series.