Homeostasis (i.e. maintaining a stable, constant condition) when contrasted with the impulse behind setting goals offers an interesting opportunity to help accelerate your progress in any given field.

How come? Well, for starters, the creative tension introduced by acting on your goal will, over time, cause current reality to change. Your reality. And that of others too. Most notably – those of your immediate work colleagues, friends and family.

The ‘problem’ is that their natural ingrained homeostatic need to keep things pretty much as they are is now being thwarted somewhat by your goal setting! And people (including those nearest and dearest to you) will do almost anything to pull you back into whatever life conditions you shared before setting goals came along.

This is great news for you! It really is! Because now you know that your goal must indeed be big enough to be worthy of attention. So, what to do about it? There are a number of constructive ways to handle these types of low intensity conflicts:

1- Try to discover what they fear having to give up or lose in order for you to achieve your goal e.g. Time, friendship, love, money, dominance. See if there is any common ground where your words (but mainly your actions) can reassure them that some elements of your relationship will change (and grow) while making it clear that they are still important to you.

2- Pretend that their fears, concerns and resistance are possibly reflections of what you may believe deep down about the implications of setting and also achieving this goal. Then thank them (silently)- and with compassion – for that knowledge.