We all love reading books. Everyone has their own taste, some like history, some are fond of biographies, horror stories, love stories, comics, detective novels, war/crime related stories, motivational and inspirational books, and this list never ends. Apart from novels and stories, there are our course books as well. Mostly, we don’t like them and are just waiting for the semester to end so we can just put them away forever. With time, when we are having a huge collection of books, which we don’t study now, it creates a mess. It is difficult to arrange them and take care of them this is the time when we think of getting rid of old ones which may make space for new ones.

Donating Books

· Books can always be donated. It does not matter whether they are course books or any novels etc.

· There are many sources which one can find online to donate books. There are communities and organizations working on donations. Often such books are given to underprivileged students and children.

· Libraries also have sales each year. Most of the books in those sales are those which are donated by people belonging to different contexts

· One just needs to be sure that they are in a good condition. If the books are stained and have torn or have any personal information, they are not acceptable

· Thrift shops also have the service to take old books. These shops are often associated with some book stores and they find it easy to have some old books which are still in good to go condition

· Another way to donate these books is to give them to the religious places, like Mosque, Church or Temple etc. These are the places which are often helping poor children and visited by people belonging to different status

· Religious communities also keep those books which are related to the specific religion so one may read them when they go to pray to their sacred places

Sell Them

· Books can also be sold on sites like Amazon, Half and or eBay. Although they take 10-15% commission from the sales price and one should be aware of that

· Course books and textbooks can be sold to the college/ university bookstore as well. If the books are not used for a long time and are neat, they can be sold at a very nice price

· Junior students often need the books of senior students. One may sell them as well to those students who need them for their course.

· There are different bookstores which keep used books. They sell them at a lower price than the market price. Books can be sold to them so they can use them for their earnings later on.

Exchange/Trade of Books

· Friends and family members often host a book swap game to exchange their books with others. Just be careful and do not end up exchanging more books than you can make space for

· There are many websites which encourage the trade of old books for the new ones. One may just give them their old book and have a new one

· Often we have friends who like reading books but can’t afford them. One can just give them to such a friend who loves books

Other Method

· In case, the books are not is good condition and can’t be sold or exchanged there are other options as well.

· One can make a treasure chest of such a book and cut half of the pages which make it seem like a hollow case. Small items can be put into it so that they are safe as younger siblings won’t know if there are sweets etc. hidden.

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