The iPhone 4 has been a hit since its introduction this past summer and is even now sought around the globe. One of the largest problems with the iPhone 4 is the high-cost. If you do not enter into a whole new two year long term contract, the cost of the apple iPhone 4 is more than five hundred U.S. dollars. Many of us wish there were an easier way to get an iPhone 4 without needing to pay. In fact, a good number of businesses around that will offer a free iPhone 4 to individuals like you as well as me in return for assessing programs or as a promotion.

Giving out a totally free iPhone may seem just like a terrible approach for the businesses, however, the practical information they obtain is invaluable towards enhancing the programs they’re assessing. The companies that tend to be offering promotions in this way are usually big enough that the price of a couple of iPhones is well worth the feedback. If you don’t seek user feed-back ahead of an application release, you risk the program failing.

Of course, in order to keep the apple iPhone you must adhere to a specific list of prerequisites as far as testing. The business typically provides you with 1 week to use their program in a real-world environment, looking for suggestions after that time. They normally want to know if the app is straight-forward to use and if you have found any bugs in it. These concerns are able to be resolved ahead of the program launches. The business wants your reviews and you desire a new apple iPhone, thus it can be a win-win for all.