A lot of GPS users spend their past-time by geocaching, a nice outdoor activity where the users find hidden containers called geocaches. However, some people may also like another GPS games. This article introduces some geocaching alternatives like GeoCheckpointing, GPS Games, Munzee and Tourality.


The newest game for GPS users was developed to enhance the users’ experience. GeoCheckpoints are not hidden like the caches, they are clearly visible so you will find them in a minute and then you can continue in your trip. There are also no paper logs. You note a three-letter code on the GeoCheckpoint and use it to log your visit on the official GeoCheckpointing website. In short, if you prefer to spend more time by moving outdoors and less time by searching hidden containers and writing logs, than GeoCheckpointing is the right geocaching alternative for you.

GPS Games

GPS Games come with very interesting concept. If you visit their website, you will have an option to choose from multiple games — Geodashing, Shutterspot, MinuteWar, GeoPoker, GeoGolf and also traditional Geocaching. Based on the forum reviews it seems the most popular game is Geodashing. In this game there are randomly generated coordinates around the world and the participants try to visit them as most as possible during a month. GPS Games is a great geocaching alternative for those who like less traditional game concept.


Munzee users need to download a special application for their android smartphone or iPhone. When they find the control point called Munzee they use the application to scan the QR code. This QR code is a confirmation that they found the munzee. Some munzees can be found in the traditional geocaches. Munzee may be an alternative to geocaching for those who prefer the paperless geo hunts, however, it is limited to smartphone users.


The target of Tourality is to reach some places in the game set by moving towards them. There are several game modes which can be played. Tourality seems to be ideal alternative to the geocaching game for those who like FTF hunts.

All these games for GPS users have one in common — they are played outdoors so it is more healthy to spend time with them comparing with computer games. If you choose any of them you will probably enjoy a lot of fun and meet other people who are enthusiastic about outdoor GPS games.