Tailgating parties are a fun way to gather in a crowd, have good food, cold beer and conversation. Not only is it a good excuse for a party, it’s fun to watch sporting events, concerts or large events with a crowd of friends. Typically, the food is usual BBQ menu, yet I have been to some tailgate parties where the variety of dishes some people come up was absolutely amazing. It’s like going to the best food show ever.

Have you ever been to an autumn hay ride in a pickup truck. I remember snuggling with my wife one chilly October night during a hay ride that was offered locally. They offered hot mulled cider and donuts while we toured a huge 6 mile pumpkin patch and tree farm, and a guy played a banjo. I always thought a hay ride was on a wagon, but these guys with three pickup trucks offered this experience and it was really fun.

Another fun thing to do with your pickup truck is make money plowing snow. There’s something therapeutic about moving big piles of snow. It sure beats getting wind whipped using a snow blower. My wife would disagree because she doesn’t like the jerking of the truck during snow removal.

How about sleeping under the stars, weather permitting, of course? Or, just plain stargazing? If you are a nature lover, there’s nothing more romantic than an air mattress, a blanket, an old transistor radio, and a beautiful summer night to enjoy the outdoors and whatever happens next. For the younger generation who are wondering what the heck a transistor radio is, you would use your play list on your iPhone in place of that. Hahahahahaa

Many local communities use truck beds in parades in place of “floats.”I’ve seen everything from mayors to county fair queens waving and cheering from the back of pickup trucks.

A buddy of mine was about to propose to his girlfriend. Together we concocted this elaborate scheme and he decorated his truck bed with 4 dozen red roses, a cooler with a bottle of champagne, a picnic basket of some of her favorite foods and helium balloons. When he opened his bed cover, his girlfriend was in shock. I have to admit he created quite the picnic area to pop the question. I guess you don’t have to be proposing to do the same for someone special in your life.

Well, I hope I got you thinking about some fun things you can do with your pickup instead of the usual tasks you use it for. If you’ve done some new and adventurous things with your pickup, I’d love to hear about it (keep it clean, OK) Head on over to truckworldaccessories.com and tell me about it and I just might try it.