You really can get a free netbook for students if you search online. Skip over the easy or stupid ways, which in involve working, begging, spending your own money, or time. Wouldn’t you much rather find one online that you can get with about an hour of work?

I know I would, going to school, while it has it’s advantages, is also tough. No matter what people think, trying to work while in college, university, or in high school, is very hard work. If you have to work while trying to complete all your studies, it is the one of the hardest things you can imagine. That is why I am bringing you an easier way to find a free laptop or netbook. I completely recommend a laptop over a netbook because the smaller versions of a laptop are severely lacking in performance, which means they can hardly run such things as even Microsoft Office. The public must realize that these small computers are strictly to be used for the internet… but they have not caught on yet.

What I recommend for your free student netbook is to complete freebie websites. These you have probably seen in the past, but they actually do work. There may be a few bad eggs, just as with any other company, but I have personally received 6 free laptops. I pretty much know which ones to recommend, and that is why the ones below are good. You just need to fill out your information and complete the survey, send in the forms, and within 8 weeks, you could very well be onto your first freebie online!

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