The ability to configure each key on an overlay keyboard to produce any sequence of key or key combinations on a standard keyboard enhances the use of a computer. Four characteristics make an overlay keyboard especially useful.


1.    Customize to your needs

2.    Simple download

3.    Easily Reconfigurable

4.    Versatile


Customized to your needs.  Users need to be able to customize the layout to their specifications. Each program will have different needs and configurations. Once the overlay keyboard configured users will quickly gain proficiency at a surprisingly quick rate.  For example, their most common tasks could be clustered at the top, or the phrases they repeat most can be positioned in one corner.  This is further enhanced when a templates is provided to create an overlay that is color-coded and clear.

A simple download from a text file should be all that it takes to configure an overlay keyboard. This allows for easily outfitting identical keyboards if you need more than one.  Integration to a system will be seamless and achievable within an hour or two.

Easily Reconfigurable.  If your projects change – and you can bet they will – an overlay keyboard can be reconfigured with new commands.  The configuration needs to be permanent until you choose to change it.  If you ever do need to reconfigure an overlay keyboard, changes should be quick and simple. 

Versatile.  There needs to be plenty of keys that allow fingertip access the functions you’ll need to cover all the software programs you work with daily.  By creating shortcuts for any software program all on one overlay keyboard will eliminate the most common user errors users make.

Consider the shortcuts which are universal in many programs (like Ctrl+S for saving a file).  No matter which program you’re in, the save key on an overlay keyboard will always stay the same. 

If a phrase needs repeating again and again, you can even specify a key for that, too.  For text programs, often-used phrases, cumbersome technical terms, headers, and sign-offs can be achieved in one stroke.


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