Seven years back, during my graduation days, I met a bunch of the most adorable, admirable, classy and fantastic people-My Friends! We were more like the enemy siblings and less like the ones drowned in love; we were phenomenal because we were always together. Back then, none of us realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

Today, after seven years after graduation I feel that have succumbed my life to the job, and everything exciting about the university life has come to an end. I realize that I am not in touch with a lot of people I felt close to during that time, I haven’t spoken to my buddies for months? Has life changed after graduation? Yes, it has. But a change in life and routine doesn’t mean I have to forget the people I love. As I open the graduation time scrapbook, that’s filled with our pictures (my friends and me), I realize that they’re not made to stay there, rather they’re meant to be taken out of that dusty picture book and be placed in the most amazing photo frames.

“One day you will blink, and the haze will dissipate. You’ll discover that what once defined you has wilted into graying hair and wrinkled skin. Frantic, you’ll glance around yourself, in hopes of finding those you swore adored you, but all you will find is empty picture frames.” I feel haunted reading these lines because I never want to look back at my life through empty photo frames. My childhood was amazing, my school life was a happy one, my graduation days were the fantastic and the years that I’ve spent working and traveling solo have also been incredible, then why should I find empty photo frames? Disturbed by this thought, I decide to buy new decor pieces for my house- the perfect photo frames, each having a memory of my life, especially the graduation days.

If you’re a photo aficionado like me, who like to click a lot of pictures, then you might have some of the most adorable and hilarious pictures of you and your friends that don’t get looked at too often. These lovely pictures with a lot of weird and happy faces will remind you of the memories that you’ve made during that time. There might be a photo in your collection that reminds you of your fracture and the friend who made fun of you, your first proposal that ended in trauma, your group being punished for bursting crackers in class, and one from your graduation day. Did you ever think of decorating the wall of your bedroom with these hot shot photos that deserve to be placed in the perfect photo frames? If not till now, then you can do that now, all you need to do is buy photo frames for these worthy remembrances.

A photo frame is an exquisite piece of decor in the room that contains the best and the worst remembrances of the life that you’ve lived so far. These incredible pieces are not just restricted to decor; rather they’re made so that you can flip through your memories every time you look at them on the wall.

As I sit down thinking of those most beautiful days of my life, tears roll down my face and fall on the picture that had weird looking faces of my three musketeers, one of whom is no longer with us. Even today, that picture reminds me of the time when we were drinking our hearts out and played our last game of cards. That was the day of our lives; the most incredible day that we’ve lived so far.

Thanks to the picture that I’ve finally made up my mind to get it framed. The photograph deserves to be there on the wall along with the others that remind me of my graduation days and my friends. It’s time that I buy photo frames online and give these incredible pictures a place to stay, forever.

As soon as I finish with the article, I’ll pick up the laptop and buy photo frames online because the best memories deserve the best photo frames. And, I have no doubts when I say “A Good Photo Frame Keeps A Moment From Running Away!

Our friendship deserves to be timeless, my friend!

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