How to fix runtime error 217?” I receive many messages from readers with this question. Run-time error 217 is one of the common run-time errors we usually face with in the Windows environment. Fortunately, this article is the right place you are visiting and it can help you fix runtime error 217 very fast. You have no need to re-install your operating system.

What Are the Causes of Runtime Error 217?

The primary reasons for Run-time Error 217 at startup can be:

* Some Application DLLs failed registration during install

* An outdated version of Microsoft’s MSVCRT.DLL on your system

* Outdated MS DCOM

* Corrupted Windows registry/Missing registry entries

How to Fix Runtime Error 217 Quickly?

#1. Run security scan for you computer immediately. Some virus or trojan will destroy dll files of the application so that when you launch the application, system can not detect the files and then there comes the error 217. You need to keep your computer clean and make sure it is free from virus.

#2. Try to re-install the application which causes the run-time error 217. If it doesn’t work, just try to go to the official website for that program and download the latest version to replace the previous one.

#3. Remove Windows registry errors to fix run-time error 217. Although anti-virus programs can eliminate virus for you, they can not repair registry errors. What should you do? Download registry repair tools to fix runtime error 217 and avoid other run-time errors in the future. Registry cleaner is designed to fix invalid, missing and malicious registry entries. In addition, it also will fix other system errors caused by Microsoft’s MSVCRT.DLL registry problem and make your computer run at its optimal performance.

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