Ever been involved with receiving strange SMS from unknown senders? I guess your answer to that question is “yes.” Virtually everyone has a line, with some having more than one attached to their names. Sadly though, mobile numbers are not published like the land line users; that makes it more difficult a task to accomplish. That explains why prank callers find it easier to do what they like, and when they like it done to their victims.

Technology has opened us all into a world of possibilities; we can now do a couple of things including like trace a cell phone number easily. With a touch of a button, the internet can provide you a lot of valuable information in no time. The days when we had to flip through the pages of different yellow pages looking for information are far behind us. All you need is enter some keywords into yahoo or Bing, and you can get all the details you need.

You can find name by phone number when you type the number into a search engine. In order words, have the digits that keep showing up on your call log entered into the search box. Just to let you know that your chances of getting a complete report are very slim when you use this method. One reason for this is because people would rather not have their personal information published. Confidentiality matters a lot to a lot of people, especially to prank callers. Caution is always the watchword of prank callers; they do not want to be caught.

I guess you must be tired of using free search directories, and would not really mind if I let you into some few facts on how you can do a reverse cell phone lookup. You can trace a cell phone number for as low as $14.95 per search. With this amount, you can find name by phone number, and get details like; names, addresses, family details, and other relevant information just the way you want it.

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