What are Premium Refreshed devices?

These are a new breed of devices which come into the market due to the increasing complexity of manufacturing QC and logistics. The devices are like brand new machines with original manufacturer or PC Dreams in-house warranty. These devices are returned back to the factory for a 2nd factory check (refresh) by the manufacturer due to issues that just slip through the net of the QC and logistical processes. The products also include those that are returned back to the manufacturer’s within the 7 days return policy. Issues include:

  • Software issues due to factory errors or consumer issues.
  • Missing accessories or wrong packaging
  • Damaged packaging boxes
  • Mismatched printed configuration on the box and actual configuration
  • Minor hardware failures such as RAM, hard disk or adaptor
  • Display or Demonstration Unit

Do note that these are like BRAND NEW units, which are not to be confused with refurbished units. Refurbished units are typically USED units, with their outer casing change to a NEW one to give people a false impression that the unit looks new.

All premium refreshed devices undergo a 2nd stringent check by the manufacturer before releasing to market, selling at a discounted price.


A thorough diagnosis

Devices are thoroughly diagnose by certified engineers from manufacturer to check everything over and find out what the problem might be. Our engineers put a great amount of effort in this step as it is the most important part of a repair.

Weeding out the issues

After the diagnostics are run thoroughly, the missing/problem packaging or parts will be replaced by the manufacturers with the new parts. Hence, restoring the device in a fully working condition!

Quality Control Checks

When the machine has been restored, it is put through several rounds of QC tests to guarantee that there are no further issues. Only after we’re satisfied that it has passed all testing rounds, we then believe that the machine is ready for sale!

Customer satisfaction

All of our premium refreshed laptops come with the manufacturer or in-house warranty in addition to our own service warranty to ensure you are covered no matter what happens. With discounts upto 70% of its origiinal value, it’s a deal  you can’t refuse.



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