Computers have improved a lot in terms of performance and multi-tasking. There has been an increased demand of these electronic devices lately because computers are now important machines used in everyday work.

Computers come in different models and vary in specifications and design. Some individuals who do not have technical knowledge on computers purchase the pre-assembled ones while people who understand the basics better choose the parts and assemble it on their own. Assembling your own computer is best because you have more options to mix and match the parts based on your needs and budget.

Deciding on what computer to buy can be a challenging task. This article will provide you information on what factors to consider so you can decide what kind of computer will best work for you.

If you do not have the technical know-how, it is advisable to purchase pre-assembled units. You can ask assistance from to see what kind of setup will work best in your work lifestyle and budget. Purchase the computer from an authorized dealer so that your unit will have a warranty.

Whether you are buying pre-assembled PC or want to assemble your own, it is important to know the components and its functions so you can have a basis of your decision.

The most important part of the computer is the CPU. It is considered the brain of the computer. It is responsible for the overall speed whenever it is processing any task.

There are two manufacturers who have dominated the market in producing processors. They are the AMD and Intel. Intel’s most popular processors include the Pentium based and Celeron. Meanwhile, the AMD’s flagship is the Athlon and Sempron based processors. AMD processors are generally cheaper than Intel’s.

The motherboard is the device where all the parts and devices are attached. Some motherboard comes with onboard components which include video card, sound card, LAN card and modem. It is also important to consider what devices you are going to attach to the ports of the motherboard, and buy accordingly.

The RAM (random access memory) is the part responsible for the overall performance of the computer. The bigger the RAM, the faster the computer can process data. If you have enough budget, purchase the maximum RAM supported by your motherboard.

The video card is another important component. The quality of the image is due to the capacity of the video card. If you are into graphics designing and gaming, it is best to choose the highest memory of video card 3D capable. The high quality video card is also advisable to those who are fond of watching movies in their computer.

The hard drive is the storage device where all programs and games are installed and all other files are stored. If you love to collect a lot of videos and graphics, it is best to choose the highest capacity of storage. It is measured in terms of gigabytes.

The sound card is the part which processes audio signals going to the speaker. If you are going to connect your computer to a 5.1 speaker, then you should choose the best sound card capable of producing a surround sound. This is important when playing a lot of music, watching videos or playing video games often.

The power supply is responsible in powering your computer. It should be able to supply the necessary power for all the components of the computer. Never use cheap types because it is prone to seriously damage any of the components of the computer if it malfunctions.

Also consider the bundled software which includes the operating system, productivity software, anti virus and many other useful applications. If you are going to use other software you need for your work, make sure that the computer is capable of running it without any problem. Consider the compatibility of your software versus the specifications of your computer unit.

Also, list down other devices you may want to include to complete your computer setup.

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