Your pre-show promotions, attractive exhibits, relevant signage, popular giveaways and product demonstrations will all be wasted, unless you also have dynamic staffing. Your booth personnel are actually the lifeline of your exhibition display stands strategy.

During a trade show or exhibition, your exhibition booth representatives are responsible for introducing your company, its products and its services to visitors. Their effectiveness can convert potential clients into strong leads and ultimately, into customers. They personify your product’s image and quality. In other words, if your team is effective, it can contribute extensively towards making your participation a big success.

Consequently, you need to staff your trade show booths with the brightest and the best representatives from within your company. These people should believe in your company, its objectives and its products. They must also have superior customer-service skills and communication abilities.

If you cannot spare your staff members or perhaps don’t have any, you can also use volunteers. You will have to provide them extensive training for all aspects of your company, its goals, products, sales messages and target audiences.

For staffing your trade show booth effectively, you can follow some reliable guidelines. The booth personnel have to be lively, friendly and fully committed towards achieving your organisational goals. The trade show staff training must include a well-rehearsed script in which they greet visitors quickly yet courteously, introduce themselves and your company, explain the benefits provide by it, establish if the visitors are strong prospects and then use the next 30 seconds to provide details about the products being offered. They also need to acquire the visitor’s contact information for efficient follow-up.

Inform these personnel about your expectations from them, including how to dress up, arrival timings, their hours at the booth and appropriate exhibition etiquette such as no drinking, eating or sitting down. The most important lesson of this training is to stay professional and polite at all times.

Choose a suitable number of people for your exhibition booths. Too many people may lead potential clients to leave, believing that your booth is crowded with visitors or perhaps too congested to navigate. Similarly, too few people may result in visitors going away unattended if too many people turn up at once. The people on duty also need to be on rotation so that each person gets a few short breaks to rest, visit the washrooms and perhaps, eat.

After the trade event is over and you get back to the office, make the same personnel follow up the leads promptly with personal letters, phone calls, packets and meeting invitations.