What causes error 1935 in Windows 7 and how can you fix this error that appears whenever you try to install certain applications such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and other.Net applications which use the Windows Installer MSIAssembly. Microsoft related literature describes that this error can be caused due to a number of reasons such as presence of orphaned registry keys. In order to fix Windows 7 error 1935 you may need to clean your system’s registry.

Although you can manually remove the invalid registry keys from your computer but it is not recommended for the basic computer users. For such users a good system cleaner software with registry cleaning feature can be of great help.

These are the steps which you should take in order to fix error 1935 in Windows 7:

> Fix Windows 7 registry with some good registry fixing software that has the feature to automatically create a registry back up so that you may revert your system to an earlier stage in case the registry repair results in some other unwanted change to occur in your PC. The registry in Windows 7 is a very important component which is the key to successfully run all computer programs. It stores information about all computer programs, software and hardware. Error in the Windows registry can cause several errors in your PC.

> Mostly the error 1935 in Windows 7 is caused due to internal errors in the system. Besides running the registry repair scan it is also helpful to clean system junk and defrag Windows 7 registry with a reliable software. Registry defrag is a different thing than the registry cleaning. In Registry defrag the scattered and fragmented registry keys are organized in order to let programs function without errors and crashes.

> Remove.Net framework from your computer and then reinstall the most latest version. You can find the recent version of.Net from Microsoft official web site.

> Fix Mscoree.dll: Mostly error 1935 occurs in Windows 7 is caused by the corruption in Mccoree.dll file. In order to fix error 1935 Windows 7 it is recommended you run the registry repair scan to fix.dll issues.

> Remove the previous versions of the corrupted applications and programs such as Visual Studio or Microsoft Office. Now try to reinstall the chosen program. May be in this way the installation error will not come again.

It is important that you create a restore point before taking these steps.

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