I am sure that you are familiar with the saying “Problems have solutions.” There are millions of problems looking for solutions out there. You just have to identify at least one and develop a business around it. In other words there are millions of opportunities for which you can provide profitable solutions from the comfort of your own home.

Let me share with you my top 5 favourite home based entrepreneurship ideas which show you how to provide profitable solutions and get paid, even while you sleep. These ideas transcend age, gender, social status or nationality, meaning that they can be initiated by anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship. For most of these profitable solutions, you will require minimal investment if any at all, as most of what you need to get started may already be available within your home.

Profitable solution #1 – Create a Website or Blog

You can create a website or blog on anything you are passionate about or have some level of experience in.

  • Do you love to cook? Then create a website on cooking and recipes.

Do you have some special family recipes that you think others would be interested in? Then you are on your way to creating a profitable solution for food lovers. Create a recipe site. Take a look at other recipe sites already out there and see what they are doing well, and imitate some of what the good ones are doing. At the same time set yourself apart by specializing in certain cultural or ethnic dishes based on your background. Find your niche market via your social networks and tap into it.

  • Can you do photography? Then create a website to sell stock photography.

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, the pictures that you take as a hobby can earn you revenue. You can sell your photos on your own website or join any of the many sites which purchase stock photography.

What you will need to get started

  • A computer (PC/Laptop/Mac whatever)- which I am sure you already have.
  • Internet connection
  • If you love to cook, I am sure you already have your lists of recipes and tens of photos of the various dishes you have prepared. Similarly as a photographer you would already have hundreds of photos at hand.
  • Create your new website.
  • Get yourself a domain name (something catchy and easy to remember) and a web hosting package. There are literally thousands of webhosts to choose from.
  • Load up your recipes/photos and your images and you are on your way to creating a profitable solution.

How would you make money from your site?

You can make money from your site via the following methods:

  • Banner Advertising– you can have companies place their cost per click (CPC) advertisements on your website and get paid each time a visitor clicks on an ad. There are also advertisers that pay by the total number of visitors impressions (CPM, cost per thousand).
  • Become an affiliate marketer- you promote the products of various sellers on your website. For example, if you are an Amazon Affiliate, and someone visiting your site clicks an Amazon link and makes a final purchase, then Amazon will pay you a commission from that sale. It is as simple as that. While you are at it check out the Click-Bank Affiliate Program.

To drive traffic to your site you can start a blog about cooking or photography and give tips and advice about healthy eating or the secrets to taking excellent photos etc. Give away some free recipes or photos. Have your blog distributed to various social networks by publishing via online publications sites. Also produce videos on your products and post them on YouTube.

Profitable Solution #2 – Provide Services as a Freelancer

Do you have skills that include talents such as writing, programing, graphic design, and training etc.? If yo do then there are many opportunities for you to offer your skill as a freelancer and get paid. There is an online marketplace where individuals and organizations needing services invite sellers to submit bids to provide the services. The buyers then select the seller/freelancer whom they believe can best deliver their requirements, and offer them the task at an agreed fee. Fiverr.com is one such site where you can sell your services through.

Profitable Solution #3 – Create a Store Front and Become a Dropshipper

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where you simply set up a website to sell other companies’ products. You do not own the products, but simply advertise them for sale on your site. When someone purchases the product from you, then you order the product from the company or wholesaler at a discounted price and have them ship it directly to your customer. The beauty of this business model is that you do not have to outlay any capital to purchase inventory upfront. In addition you do not have warehousing and shipping expenses.

Profitable Solution #4 – Sell Personalized Children Products

One of my first business ventures was in the sale of personalized children books. I purchased a software licence from the company which authorized me to reproduce the books. The software allowed me to personalized the books with the names of the child and his friends or siblings. The child is featured as a hero in the story. I produced and sold hundreds of books earning mark ups of between 100-200%. This is an excellent low cost, profitable solution to invest in.

Every parent loves to get stuff for their children, and even more so when it is a personalized gift. The range of personalized children products include story books, alarm clocks, CDs and DVDs, T Shirts etc.

What do you need to start?

  • A computer and a printer, which most homes already have.
  • The software licence – you will need to purchase. Price could range between $US300 -$US500.
  • There may be some other miscellaneous items which the company may provide depending on the package.

Profitable Solution #5 – Sell Pet Supplies

I know of an individual who bakes cookies for dogs and is making some decent profit from her sales. She bakes the cookies in her own over at home.

In North America and Europe pet lovers spend thousands of dollars to maintain their pets. The pet industry is huge; and includes grooming services, clothing, food supplies, pet sitting etc. If you are interested in marketing pet clothing and accessories you can source supplies cheaply from China and other Asian suppliers. Check out these websites for wholesalers – Alibaba.com, Madeinchina.com, and Chinavasion.com.

Your Move- Start Providing Profitable Solutions Now

While there are many more profitable income earning solutions which you can provide from the comfort of your home, I have chosen just to present a few which anyone can start with minimal investment. In a later post I will share some more opportunities. If you have ever considered starting you own business, there is no better time than the present to start providing profitable solutions and earn income right at home.

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