DirectX is a set of Windows interfaces from Microsoft used in programming graphics and sound. It contains a vital component called D3d9.dll file used in loading the functions of DirectX to all multimedia programs and games that needs DirectX upon being loaded onto your computer.

What Causes D3Dx9.dll Errors?

Unfortunately, there are times when problems occur whenever Windows attempt to run the games and multimedia applications. Windows cannot properly read the d3d9.dll file due to errors encountered, hence, won’t be able to load and run the multimedia programs. Several reasons may cause this including having a corrupted d3d9.dll file, registry issues, or it may be that your version of DirectX is outdated. Typical examples of error messages that would appear on your screen are:

  • “Fatal Exception error in dplayx.dll”
  • “Access violation error in DirectX file D3D8.DLL”
  • “Cannot initialize dinput9.dll”
  • “dplay.dll has performed an illegal operation”

How To Fix D3D9.dll Errors

With the error having the potential to be caused by numerous reasons, it is important that you identify the specific cause to address it accordingly. The first thing you can do is to get the the latest version of DirectX on your system. Most of the new multimedia programs and games are not compatible with the old versions, therefore these programswill not run if you have an outdated version like the DirectX 8 on your system. You have to download DirectX 9 from the internet and install it on your computer to prevent DirectX errors from showing up. Once you’ve installed it, you have to check the version of the DirectX program and make sure you’ve installed the latest one. You can do this by pressing “Start” and then clicking “Run.” A box will appear and you have to type “dxdiag” and then select “Enter.” A DirectX “Diagnostic Tool” window will be displayed and from the bottom part of the window, you can verify the version of the DirectX you just installed. If you don’t have the latest version, you can browse the Microsoft website and download the most updated one from that site.

If after doing all the above mentioned steps and the error is still displayed, then you should clean the registry of your system. The “registry” is a huge database that stores vital files, information, settings and options. Windows reads the files it needs for it to run or load up a program through this database. The registry often gets corrupted, infected, or clogged up causing a lot of problems and errors like the DirectX error. To resolve this, you must download and run a registry cleaner that would scan and fix the errors on your computer.

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