Since the game’s release, the Rogue has been one of the more popular characters classes in Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins. The Rogue class can be built into the highest possible damage per second (DPS) character, but often players that did not plan properly find their rogues falling early in battle. Here in this article, I will give you some pointers for building up the best rogue character that can take out most enemies in a few hits single-handedly.

The first decision you need to make is to pursue either a dual-wielder or an archer. The most common mistake players make with the rogue is attempting to build one that specializes in two weapon types. Because of the way the game deals with skill points, you will not be able to make an character that is effective at both. If you invest points in both dual-wielding (or sword and shield) and archery, you will end up with a character that is mediocre at both and an expert at neither. Choose a single skill tree, and master every skill.


All rogue characters should be equipping only light armor types. The added protection from heavier armors is unnecessary, and will do nothing besides slow down your characters attacks and reduce stamina more quickly. Regardless of which skill mastery is chosen, your rogue should always be in light armor.

A dual-wielding rogue should only use dagger type weapons. It is very tempting to equip full-size swords or axes because of their damage, but these weapons calculate total damage based on the strength statistic, whereas daggers calculate damage based on the dexterity statistic. As you will see later, it would never be a good idea for your rogue’s damage to be calculated based on strength.


Another common mistake with the rogue is to build up high strength. The most points you should ever invest in strength for a rogue is 20. This will allow your character to equip the best rogue armor type (drakeskin) without wasting any points.


Dexterity is arguably the most important stat for rogue characters. Because rogues will be wearing light armor, it is in their best interest to avoid being hit, which is exactly what high dexterity accomplishes. Not only will most enemy attacks miss, but your rogue will connect with more hits of his/her own, and damage with daggers will be high.

A dual-wielding rogue character should increase dexterity as fast as possible.


This satistic is less important for rogues. You will typically want to avoid spending points on this stat until dexterity and cunning are maxed out. A good willpower max to aim for is between 15 and 20.


Leave this stat at 15 or less. The only advantage the magic stat will provide rogues is slightly more healing power from poultices, and the stat points can be better spent elsewhere.


Cunning is definitely the second most important stat for rogues, and by far the most important for rogue archers. Max this stat out as quickly as you can. Archers should focus solely on cunning until it reaches at least 20, and then stat points should be split between cunning and dexterity until both are maxed out. A dual-wielding rogue with high cunning will achieve more successful backstabs, thus resulting in higher DPS.


For both dual-wielding and archer rogues, maximum target constitution should be 20. It is good to have the extra health, but it will be largely unnecessary due to a high dexterity stat.


As far as specializations, the rogue can benefit from any of the four choices. If you are going for the highest possible DPS character, you should create a dual-wielding rogue and specialize as an Assassin and a Dualist.

Archer rogues will receive a considerable boost selecting the hunting specialization, and can also benefit from the Bard specilizations stun skills.

Following these steps, your end result will be a character that deals high damage, is rarely hit by enemies, and can use the best rogue equipment in the game.

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